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Baltimore Yearly Meeting has updated our main website, and is in the process of integrating elements of the information that had previously been available here. Just click the headline (or here) We hope that you will find everything you are interested in at the new site. Please contact us if there is information that you believe was available, but is not now.

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Visioning Report

Members of BYMIAC aim to continue the historic legacy of Quaker-Indian relations as well as support programs and initiatives that are relevant to the needs of contemporary Indians.

1) Looking at your committee description in the BYM Manual of Procedure: What is the most meaningful, enduring or vital part of your committee’s charge? Where is the energy, the Spirit, in it?

Actually the words we like for our Committee’s work are the ones you use in the Invitation: MEANINGFUL, ENDURING, VITAL

Our energy and spirit arise from three sources.
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